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Facts about Uni-damp hygro boxes


Facts about Uni-Damp Hygro boxes

We offer UNIDAMP hygro-boxes in various sizes to suit each club’s individual 
needs. Inside the cabinets are fitted with wire mesh to secure moist air to 
circulate freely. This ensures all Shuttlecocks to be humidified equal, regardless 
of location. All equipment in the cabinets are of course made of stainless steel 
to withstand the humid environment.

The hygro-boxes are divided into sections and a padlock can lock each section
separately. Each division in the club can thus get its own section in the box,
and keep track of their own consumption of Shuttlecocks.

Choose a model that suits your club needs



Why Uni-Damp

     Choose a Uni-Damp Hygro-box because...

  • Shuttlecocks last 50 – 80 % longer. 

  • The club can reduce the purchasing of shuttlecocks with 25 to 40%.

  • The savings ensures a rapid return on investment.

  • Shuttlecocks with the right humidity and weight create better play and 
    enhanced play.

  • The Hygro-Box is easy to operate, maintain and have a very low energy 
    consumption (avg. 0.36 kW per day).

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