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Technic Uni-Damp Hydro boxes


Take care of shuttlecocks - they make the difference!

Shuttlecocks are natural products that requires proper storage, in order to maintain
best conditions for operating ability and durability. If shuttlecocks do not contain the
right humidity, they will lose their flexibility, elasticity - and especially speed.
Feathers dried out, will become brittle and break easily. 

The right moisture of the shuttlecocks ensures correct speed, and increases
the durability significantly.

It takes more than a "sporadic drop of steam"!

The effect of the high level of humidity is obtained at a constant and stable high
humidity during the storage of the shuttlecocks. Hereby, the moisture penetrates
into the straw and feather, to give the desired flexibility and durability.

”Steaming” of the shuttlecocks over boiling water before use, provides too much
moisture on the outside of the feather and you may risk making it slower and unstable.
However, and even more important, you do not get the necessary durability, as it takes
longer for the moisture to fully get into the straw and feathers. 

The optimum storage life is obtained after 2 to 3 weeks of storage in the hygro-box..

Save money on the purchase of shuttlecocks

Purchase of shuttlecocks is a huge part of the budget in most badminton clubs.
The right storing of the shuttlecocks can save a lot of money.
With a proven lifetime 

increase of 50 to 80%, it means that you can expect a reduction in the purchase
of shuttlecocks at about 25-40%. With a box customized for the individual club’s
needs, the investment will normally have a payback time of a
maximum of 1 - 2 years!

Better badminton and enchanced play

The effect of proper storage of shuttlecocks are not only a question of saving 
money. With proper humidity and weight of the shuttlecocks, you also have
an optimization of movement and speed. At the same time, the increased
durability causes that the shuttlecocks ”wear out”, which means that you
can play with shuttlecocks moving something close to optimally the entire
shuttlecocks lifetime.

No more or less destroyed shuttlecocks, before discarding.

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